About Võ Minh Hạnh

PMI Viet Nam Chapter advocates ethical and professional standards for project management across all industries. We embody a global movement nurturing good practice, accountability and agility for our profession.

Who we are

PMI Vietnam Chapter comprises 0ne Chapters with over 500 professionals working on project, program and portfolio management.

Our dedicated and talented practitioners deliver immense value to Australian organizations, businesses, and the wider community.

Together, we continue to evolve by drawing from the expertise, knowledge and leadership of our global association, the Project Management Institute (PMI), founded in 1969. Today, PMI has more than 470,000 members from 207 countries and territories, served by 283 chartered and 12 potential Chapters.

Our Purpose

Advancing careers, improving organizational success, and enabling our project professionals to develop and mature through global advocacy, collaboration, education and research

Equipping each generation of project practitioners with the skills and tools to contribute to society is critical to elevating our profession.

Our Value

We provide a framework for professional development through mentoring and education. Members enjoy access to current trends, publications, certifications courses, networks and mentors.

Each Vietnam Chapter generates an array of dynamic programs and events in tune with the needs of their members. On a national level, we collaborate to create the PMI Vietnam Conference, an outstanding two-day conference uniting project professionals, academia, government and industry groups. The PMI Vietnam Awards proudly celebrate the outstanding contributions made by our project professionals to significant projects and programs.

Join us in continuing to create a dynamic community of project professionals sharing knowledge and innovating.